How to Order

How to Order Online

Ordering online is simple, we have  grouped our online product range into a set of categories and sub categories. You can access the categories in two ways,  either by the left hand menu or using the icons on the front page. Once you have entered a category any sub-categories will be shown, again just click on the image and you will be taken to the products that are available from that sub-category.


All of our products have a details page which provides a fuller description of the item and aditional notes relating to the  installation. You may also find additional drop down boxes providing information on sizes, colours and finish. if there is a price differnece then it is shown along side and will be added to the product.

All prices quoted are in pounds sterling (GBP) and are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

Secure Payment Gateway

All payments made on our website are processed via PayPal on a secure server (check the https once transferred.). This means we do not collect or retain any of your credit card details. You will recieve a comfirmation notification of payment once the transaction has been processed by PayPal. Our website is set up to also provide you with an aknowledgement of your order.

Should any items order not be available  for the proposed delivery thenwe will notify you by e-mail.

Trade Accounts

We offer Trade Accounts to our online customers, to qualify you will need to register entering you company name, once recieved by us will will contact you and arrange the relevant discount from our retail prices.


As our website is prices at our normal retail price trade customers can shop the site without being logged in. once you are requested to login then your discount will be applied across the full website as well as any items in your cart. VAT will be adjusted and applied after the discount has been taken off. It is better if you login in first as it will make it easier for you to estimate your spend with us.


We may from time to time offer incentives by way of a promotion to online customers, this is done in two ways.

  1. Direct Reductions
  2. Promotions Codes

In the case of the first of these the prices will be reduced directly and both trade and none trade customers are able to take advantage of the reductions. In the case of the second option selected customers will recieve a propmotional code offering a discount, simply enter the code  during the final stages of the shopping process and you will see the reduction being applied. Occasionally we may add a promotional code to one of our adverts making it open to all, however  this type of promotion will exclude any trade discount on the products concerned.


Should you have any concerns whilst using our website please contact