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    Skirting Board - Ogee

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    Ogee and Torus styled plastic skirting board available in 2.92m lengths

    Why choose plastic skirting boards over traditional wooden skirting alternatives? A couple of simple reasons. Installation: The plastic skirting boards are very easy to install. Once you have cut the skirting to the desired size they can be applied to the wall with No Nails adhesive.

    Unlike wooden skirting these will not rot, splinter or need painting or sealing. The plastic skirting is highly durable and very low maintenance. It can also be used in areas of high humidity like bathrooms and wet rooms.

    Other great features include: A recess on the rear of the skirting to allow the concealment of wires & cabling. Also the plastic skirting has more flexibility than wood. So if you have walls that are less than perfectly straight they can be shaped to cover any imperfections.