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    PVC Cladding - Tile Effect

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    The 'Do-It-Yourself Tile'

    PVC Cladding with a completely unique joining system since the pvc cladding panels are connectable on all sides, and the tile grooves have been concealed within the pvc cladding panel.

    Tiling with grouting is a thing of the past. By simply fitting the pvc cladding panels together you create a realistic tiling effect thanks to the shallow grooves in the base material itself, without messing around with grouting, adhesive, cutting machines, etc

    The user friendly pvc cladding panels are just 120cm long and are extremely light yet retaining their durability for wall covering. They are so easy and quick to fit; you can easily do the work on your own.

    Each pvc cladding pack covers 2.4sqm (8 pvc cladding panels per pack) and they are available in a range of colours.