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    PVC Cladding - Internal Decorative

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    PVC Cladding wall and ceiling panels mostly available in the UK are manufactured between 2.5 < 2.8kg Sq/m.

    Our PVC Cladding panels are produced at 3.6kg Sq/m; this is between 28% - 44% heavier.
    The benefits of using a higher specification of PVC Cladding panels to the customer are:
    • Stronger construction, providing greater
    impact and compression resistance.
    • Thicker smoother surface finish does
    not show cellular structure through the
    face and provides a better surface for the
    printed designs to be applied.
    • Better for cutting and working with during
    • Close fitting robust joint between panels.

    Specifications - Length - 2.6m  Width - 250mm  Thickness - 10mm

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