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    PVC Cladding - Aquamax - Metre Wide Cladding

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    PVC Cladding is ideal for decorating your walls and ceilings. The Aquamax PVC Cladding comes in 1 metre wide panels are manufactured with an open cell structure which helps to insulate the room and reduce condensation. The PVC Cladding panel surfaces are smooth, easy to clean, mold resistant and easily disinfected.

    Our PVC Cladding meets Hygiene Regulations in commercial operations and are suitable for use in hospitals, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, utility rooms......

    The Aquamax PVC Cladding system is widely used in both residential and commercial applications. Used for wall cladding and ceiling cladding it produces an attractive low maintenance easy to clean surface that does not harbour mould and germs.

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